Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Start of it all

Throughout the years, I've found myself working to solve random issues for various work projects. I plan to post many of these issues/fixes here (mostly for my own review later on).
Most of these solutions have come from other blogs...forums..screencasts, it seems appropriate to try and give back.

Quick bit about me...
I'm a person who..

  • is a terrible optimist. 
  • firmly believes in the idea of putting everything in life within moderation..especially moderation. 
  • has a Wife and kids that make life grande. 

I'm a programmer who ..

  • enjoys .NET based client app programming
  •  still curses my friend Tim for getting me hooked on Ruby on Rails for web programming. (displacing PHP)
  • has replaced all scripting needs with Ruby based scripts (previously perl and PHP). (irb FTW). 
  • enjoys SQL Server and can keep your Oracle..bleh. (Once again, many will argue against this stance...and good for you). 
  • will curse your existence if you use the phrase "I have this App..." if the words "VB" or "Access" show up anywhere in the following sentences. These have all become the bane of my work existence over the years. 
  • believes in the concept..of try and fail, try again... and fail less..== progress. 
  • Finds himself cleaning up other's messes and making the best of it. 

I'm sure I have much more I could put here..and if I stick with this..I'm sure I will in the future.
I plan to post my accomplishments..failures..and other hilarities I encounter along the way.


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